To break a civilian or a student from his existing mould and bring him up to the level of a trained security personnel he is imparted training over a period of time. The training is based on few basic aspects, site specifics and refresher to handle more complex appointments.

The training is organized in three stages: -

(a) Basic           (b) On Job           (c) Refresher

Basic Training

This is imparted for a duration of 15 days covering the following: -

  1. Drill – General movements.
  2. Service conditions, Uniforms & Equipment.
  3. Fire fighting & First aid.
  4. Code of conduct.
  5. Gate duties, filing in essential documents at the Gate or Reception.
  6. Telephone duties and mannerism.
  7. Conduct with the staff and visitors.
  8. Escorting of VIPs.
  9. Search and frisking of persons.
  10. Personal Hygiene and essential House Keeping duties and
  11. Car parking and Traffic control.
  12. Use of metal detectors etc.
  13. Exposure to the electronic surveillance.

On the Job Training

One period of 30 to 40 minutes in a week is devoted for  “On Job Training” at the sites.


Following topics will be covered: -

  1. Control of men and material.( In & Out.)
  2. Issue of passes & checking of ID Cards.
  3. Manning of Telephone.
  4. Liaison with Police and Fire Brigades.
  5. Patrolling of premises & dwelling units.
  6. Car Parking and Traffic Control.
  7. Conduct with the visitors and
  8. Source of theft and pilferage.


Following aspects which may be specific to the site will be covered :-

  • Operation of lifts.
  • Operation of Generator, ATM machine.
  • House Keeping Duties.
  • Fire Fighting.
  • Traffic Control during events & Parties.
  • Access Control / tail get in.
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Risk management.

Refresher Training

The Supervisory staff and Guards are put through refresher training for 2 days in six months, during which all the aspects of duties are revised to ensure that their professional level is maintained at the required level. The staff found not taking interest in training and performance of his duties are weeded out after having been given due notices.