It is vital that our staff are professionally managed and supervised.Charter of duties for each assignment and Standard Operation Procedures for each site has been adequately spelt out to avoid any ambiguity.


The primary responsibility for the vogue Security Management Team is to control and motivate our Security Officers and provide a professional security service, thereby ensuring that the excellent standards are maintained. Clearly for them to execute their duties effectively, they will need to constantly review operating procedures in the light of changing circumstances, affect changes wherever and whenever required to meet our clients expectations.

Assignment Instructions:

In order to clearly identify the specific requirements essential to the formulation of comprehensive Assignment Instructions, our Security management team, in close liaison with our client’s management carry out a full site survey.The survey covers complete areas of the premises,so that risks on the site are minimized.

Once the relevant information has been assessed and collected, the detailed Assignment Instructions will be compiled, which enable the security establishment to professionally control the working environment,under our client’s scrutiny,and to our client’s complete satisfaction.

Three copies of Assignment Instructions are prepared,one each for the client,our control room and for the staff on site.

Client Liaison:

Vogue Security recognizes the need for a pro-active style of management and continual assessment of service delivery and performance standards covering assignment instructions,day-to-day security operation,and officer’s performance and customer expectations against service levels.

We feel that only by ensuring the closest supervision, input from senior management and regular liaison with client management,we will be able to operate to the standards we have set.

Liaison will be aimed at: -

1. Confirmation of client’s satisfaction

2. Assessment of the guards overall security effectiveness.

3. Confirmation of the implementation of all agreed procedures.

4. Maintenance of morale and interest among security staff.

5. Prompt planning and action to fulfill any requirements identified.

6. Furthering good client relations.


These are planned and managed by trained and experienced officers.

General / Senior Manager:

Overall responsibility of operations rests with him.He is assisted by number of Managers and Security Officers who take care of respective clients and their requirement.He is available to the clients as well as security staff for 24 hrs 7 days in case of any problem. He meets all the clients on regular basis at least once a month.

Managers/ Dy. Managers:

They have been assigned various units for smooth functioning, who remain in regular contact with the clients. They are equipped with cell phones and vehicle to carry out surprise and routine visits of the sites. They also undertake on job training of personnel to keep them fully trained and motivated. Managers are assisted by Field Executives at lower level who make daily visits to units as per scheduled programmed, as also surprise visits during night.

Field Executives:

Field Executives maintain round-the-clock contact with thedeployed force & clients in their respective earmarked areas. They are equipped with cell phones and vehicles to carry out their duties.
The role of a Field Executive is to audit our service at the site, to communicate the findings to the Company's senior management with the minimum delay, and to participate in the corrective process, if necessary. This will include the monitoring of all working conditions and the level of morale.  Field Executives will visit each site on a regular basis, to ensure that the required standards are maintained. Attention is paid to the appearance of each Officer, their working environment and the Officer's ability to comply with the requirements as laid down in the Assignment Instructions.

Control Room:

We have a Control Room at our Head Office and is dedicated to monitoring officers on site, our client’s premises and the control of our Field Executives. It deals with all communications to and from our sites, the roistering and placement of staff and of course, the management information for our operation team.

Senior management is kept informed on a regular basis as to the current company situation.


Our personnel are drawn from all regions of the country.Minimum qualification for recruitment is matriculation.Candidates who meet the requisite    qualifications criteria are recruited and given training for guarding services,which include indoors,out door and on-site training.


After careful assessment the personnel are deployed on shift basis and duties are clearly defined in consultation with client’s requirements.

Documents  & Records:

The following documents are maintained at each Unit / Deployment Location:

(a) Daily Muster Roll(e) Attendance Sheet
(b) Daily Occurrence Book(f) Visitor’s Register
(c) Daily Report Book(g) Vehicle movement register
(d) Individual Duty Card(h) Any other document as required by the client.


(a)  Telephone communication where possible.

(b)  Mobile phone with all officers up to Field Executive level.

(c)  Walky-Talky sets at the sites as per the requirements of theClient.

Deployment for Social Events:

Arrangements for additional manpower at short notice and for covering special events i.e. AGMs,Social Events,VIP's visits etc, are also made.

In Emergency:

In case of an emergency call from the Client, the Manager (Operation) / Field Executive will reach the site within about 30 minutes.

Manager(operation) / Field Executive, on reaching the site, will contact the Security Manager / Security Officer / Contact Person and collect the essential information. He will assess the situation, carry out survey and prepare plan of action.

Simultaneously, arrange reinforcement under a senior and experienced supervisor to reach the site within about 30 minutes.

Deploy the reinforcement for control of the situation. Exercise strict control at all the Entrances and Exits.

Keep following informed and ask for any assistance if required:

  i)  Client / Security Manager,

  ii)  General / Senior / Branch Manager of Vogue Security,

  iii)  Police Station, if required.

Make a complete record of the action taken by various agencies incuding photographs for future case studies, inorder to impart training to the staff.

Uniform for Security Officer / Supervisor & Security Guard:

The company provides two sets of uniforms comprising of grey shirt, Black Trousers with ‘P’ Cap / commando cap as per rquirement, to each Security Guard apart from other items i.e., neck tie,  belt,  shoes,  whistle, lanyard.In winter they are provided with Jersey & Jacket. In addition,each Security guard is issued with Identity Card, Chain, Clip and a Baton. Staff will  wear the company ID Card all the times while on duty. Equipment for the security staff to carry out their duties in the correct manner will also be issued if necessary. This includes raincoats and overcoat for winter.

Payment of Salary & Allowances:

Monthly payment is remitted to each unit / individual through the field staff at site by 7th of each month.